• Storage Options as You Move Your Home or Office

    People that intend to move will often require storage space to store extra household and office items. In this excerpt, you will learn a few tips on how to prepare and find suitable storage as you move your home or office.  What Do You Need to Put In Storage?  Assess your items to know what you intend to put in the storage facility. Consider things that you do not use regularly. [Read More]

  • How to Conduct Interstate Removals

    Moving interstate can be a stressful experience. It is especially so since a little foresight could significantly affect the removal process. Read this extract for a comprehensive guide on how to move interstate. Choosing a Removalist Your immediate task should be looking for a removalist who conducts interstate removal services. As a rule, the removalist must be licenced to conduct interstate removals. Avoid removalists who will subcontract another company. Remember, it would be difficult to assign blame if some of your items got damaged during the removals. [Read More]

  • Helping Removalists to Give You A Proper Removals Quote

    It makes perfect sense to do some comparison shopping and obtain multiple quotes from removalists before choosing the company to engage for your move. A lot goes into the quote, which is why you have every reason to think twice about any removalists that give a blanket quotation over the phone. What, then, can you do to ensure that you are getting the proper quotation? Show And Tell For Everything That Needs Moving [Read More]

  • The Extra Removal Services That Can Make Your Life Easier

    Moving houses or business properties is never an easy task. There is a lot of paperwork you have to get right and utilities you have to turn off at your old place and turn on at your new one; and in addition to all that, you need to organise the removal of all your items. Removal services have always been a very valued option for the majority of Australians who don't have the facilities to move all their belongings on their own. [Read More]

  • How Can Backloading Help You Save Money on Your Move?

    If you're planning a house move, you may have seen references to a moving strategy called backloading. Although this is a common practice in the shipping industry, it's still relatively unknown among people moving house. If you can make use of it, though, backloading delivers a safe, efficient move, often at a more affordable price than other options.  What is backloading?  The practice of backloading developed to make the most efficient use of fuel on transport journeys. [Read More]