How to Conduct Interstate Removals

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Moving interstate can be a stressful experience. It is especially so since a little foresight could significantly affect the removal process. Read this extract for a comprehensive guide on how to move interstate.

Choosing a Removalist

Your immediate task should be looking for a removalist who conducts interstate removal services. As a rule, the removalist must be licenced to conduct interstate removals. Avoid removalists who will subcontract another company. Remember, it would be difficult to assign blame if some of your items got damaged during the removals. If you have a lot of household items, ensure the removalist has sufficient vehicles, personnel and equipment to execute the move. Besides, examine the removalist's pricing, terms and conditions. For instance, he or she should help you secure the permits required to move interstate. 

Planning the Move 

Visit your new premises to ensure it can accommodate your current household items. Renovation and home improvement works should be conducted before the move. You will require storage space in your new residence if you intend to move into a smaller or incomplete home.

In collaboration with your removalist, inspect your home to determine the required personnel and equipment. The removalist will also check the property for challenges such as narrow staircases and exits that might complicate the removal process. Additionally, he or she will assess the value of your household items to determine a suitable insurance cover. Preferably, complement this cover with your current home insurance. 

Once you are sure about when you will move, visit the removalist and create a removal plan. The plan indicates when the removalist will commence the removals, how long the process will take, the routes you will use and when you will arrive in your new home. The professional will also inform you of your obligations. For instance, you may be required to provide packing boxes and organise transport for pets, as well as fragile and valuable items. At this stage, the removalist can give an accurate quote of how much he or she will charge to move your home.

Executing the Move

Call the removalist a day or two before the move and inquire whether there are changes regarding the move. This is also an opportunity to inform him or her about any changes. For instance, you could want to make a stopover or change the route. 

You must be available on the removals day. Otherwise, the removalist will likely charge a penalty. Prepare for the trip by packing a box of essentials such as water, snacks, children's toys and diapers.

When planning an interstate move, work with an accredited removalist and observe the proposed planning and execution tips.