Storage Options as You Move Your Home or Office

Posted on: 23 November 2020

People that intend to move will often require storage space to store extra household and office items. In this excerpt, you will learn a few tips on how to prepare and find suitable storage as you move your home or office. 

What Do You Need to Put In Storage? 

Assess your items to know what you intend to put in the storage facility. Consider things that you do not use regularly. It could be your winter clothes, old documents, a boat or furniture that you no longer need. Create a list of these items to prevent mixups during the move. Pack your items in well-labelled cartons to ensure you can locate your items in the storage facility.

Type of Storage

Below are a few storage options to choose from: 

  • Storage sheds are installed in your home or business premises. The primary advantage of a shed is that they can be built to any design and size.
  • Portable storage containers are customised shipping containers provided by storage companies or removalists. Similar to the storage shed, the portable storage container is placed in your premises. The company will transport the container to your new home or office once you are done packing.
  • Self-storage units allow you to transport your items to a storage facility located close to your new home or premises. The advantage of a storage facility is that you can take advantage of extra services such as long term parking and conference facilities.
  • Full-service storage is an arrangement where the storage company picks items from your home or office and transports them to a storage unit. The company will also deliver these items at your request.

Who Will Move Your Items? 

If you intend to use a storage unit, consider your transport options. For instance, people with trucks could opt to transport their items to the facility. For long-distance removals, the removalist could transport the items to a storage facility in your new town. Some storage companies will also provide transport services to their clients. They could also offer to help you arrange items in the storage unit. Regardless of your transport option, take a removals insurance policy to ensure you do not incur any losses in case of an accident. There are cases when you would want to move your items from one storage unit to another. If this is your situation, hire a removalist to move your items.

Looking for storage space as you move your home or office should no longer be confusing. Determine what you need to store and choose suitable storage and transportation means.