How Can Backloading Help You Save Money on Your Move?

Posted on: 9 January 2020

If you're planning a house move, you may have seen references to a moving strategy called backloading. Although this is a common practice in the shipping industry, it's still relatively unknown among people moving house. If you can make use of it, though, backloading delivers a safe, efficient move, often at a more affordable price than other options. 

What is backloading? 

The practice of backloading developed to make the most efficient use of fuel on transport journeys. When trucks transport goods long distances, they often return home empty, generating additional fuel costs without any corresponding benefit. Backloading involves booking an additional cargo for the returning vehicle. This spreads the cost of the journey across more than one load, increasing efficiency. The returning load may be a commercial one, but it could also be a house move. 

When is backloading the right choice? 

This type of move is the ideal choice when you're making a long-distance journey. Over a short distance, the extra effort of arranging a backload probably isn't efficient. However, if you're making an interstate move, the small amount of extra travel involved in transporting an extra load on the return journey is more than offset by the savings. 

Advantages of backloading

Because it uses fuel and vehicles efficiently, this transportation method can be cheaper than other alternatives, although it's always wise to investigate your options. It's also the greener choice since your belongings will be carried on a vehicle that was already going to be making its journey. 

Preparing for a move

If you're interested in using backloading for your house move, it's a good idea to begin your planning early. Ideally, you'll be able to be a little flexible about your schedule; because backloading relies on taking advantage of already-scheduled journeys, having multiple possible dates open makes it more likely that you'll find a journey that's right for you. Similarly, booking your move early gives you the best chance of finding vehicles that aren't already booked. However, backloading can still be an option for a short-notice move; it's always worth checking to see if the option is available. 

When you're getting your belongings ready for the move, bear in mind that they may be transported on a vehicle that's carrying more than one load. This makes it even more important to securely pack and clearly label the items you're moving. If you're not sure what you need to do, consult with your removals firm for advice. 

If you're used to dealing with more traditional removal services, backloading can seem a little unfamiliar. Ultimately, though, it's just another way to get your things to your new home as safely and affordably as possible.