• How to Plan and Execute Removals

    Are you planning to relocate? Removals can be a daunting task. More often than not, you have too much to do in very little time. Read the extract below to learn how to prepare and execute house removals. What will You Be Moving?  Your home or office may contain old furniture and faulty electronics that you no longer use. Such items can occupy a significant amount of space in the removals truck, hence making the process expensive. [Read More]

  • Preparing furniture for removal

    A successful house move, especially a long-distance one, is the product of careful advance preparation. One important part of getting ready is preparing your furniture for removal. By preparing for your furniture removals firm to arrive, you'll save time, keep your belongings safer and help your move go much more smoothly. This list of tips will help you get through the preparation process.  Decide what you're keeping  There's no point in handing a bookcase over to interstate removalists, transporting it to another state, and then deciding to get rid of it once you arrive. [Read More]