How to Plan and Execute Removals

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Are you planning to relocate? Removals can be a daunting task. More often than not, you have too much to do in very little time. Read the extract below to learn how to prepare and execute house removals.

What will You Be Moving? 

Your home or office may contain old furniture and faulty electronics that you no longer use. Such items can occupy a significant amount of space in the removals truck, hence making the process expensive. Dispose of such items at an appropriate landfill. Alternatively, you could donate them to a charity organisation. 

Finding a Removalist

There are many businesses providing removal services in Australia. However, how do you choose one company over the other? Below are a few tips:

  • Work with a reputable removalist. Seek referrals or conduct some internet research to determine reliable removalists in your locality.
  • Your choice of removalist should be licenced to conduct removals in your state.
  • The removalist should exhibit a high degree of professionalism. For example, he or she must have the required equipment. Affiliation to professional bodies is an added advantage.
  • If you plan to move a significant amount of items, ask the removalist if he or she has conducted similar removals in the past. 

Preparing For the Removal Day

A house inspection is a vital aspect of the removal process. The removalist will visit your home and evaluate the scope of works. He or she will also be on the lookout for removal challenges such as narrow staircases and determine how he or she will overcome such problems.  

You will also need to inform the removalist of the time and date of the removals. For long-distance relocations, you will have to discuss with the removalist the best route to take. He or she will also inform you any permits you might require along the way. Local removals are generally easier to navigate a path to.


Your choice of removalist must be reasonably priced. Ask for a quote detailing the removal charges. Inquire about extra and hidden fees. For example, some removalists charge more if your house is a few storeys above. Others charge more during weekends and holidays. 

Executing the Removals

Pack a box of essential items such as toiletries, children's toys, and snacks that you may require before you unpack your items. Most removalists will ask that you transport valuable items such as jewellery and paintings. Leave the packing and unpacking to the removalist. Any boxes you pack may not be covered by the removals insurance. 

Planning and executing a house or office removal should not be stressful with the above tips. Don't wait any longer! Call a reputable removalist and ask for a quote today.