3 Well-Planned Steps To Pack Your Outdoor Metal Chairs For Storage

Posted on: 29 July 2016

Whether you're moving countries, moving homes or simply renovating, temporary self-storage units can come in handy because they allow you to store multiple items for your desired duration. Even though you leave metal chairs outdoors, you will want to protect them from scratches and gouges during transport to the storage unit. This guide offers you well-planned steps to pack your outdoor metal chairs for self-storage units.

Clean The Chairs When Preparing For Storage

Keep in mind that outdoor chairs are prone to severe weather conditions, pollutants and grime. While metal is a material fairly resistant to damage from mould and mildew, other furniture pieces are not as resilient. The pollutants from outdoor chairs may cause damage to other items inside the storage unit. Even if they don't cause damage, it's worth giving your outdoor metal chairs a good wipe down with a cloth and soap water while preparing them for self-storage units.

Wrap The Legs And Backrest Corners With Polystyrene Sheets

Your first goal is to protect the parts of your outdoor metal chairs most susceptible to damage. The legs and the corners of the backrest are particularly vulnerable when movers move the chairs from one place to another. If the chairs are not properly secure in the truck, they also run the risk of toppling over, so you'll naturally want to protect the areas that can easily get scratched. Make sure you use enough polystyrene to completely cover the corners and bases. Use packing tape to secure the polystyrene against the chair. Polystyrene sheets are typically available at stationery stores. Alternatively, your moving company may be able to provide you with some if you need it.

Place A Layer Of Soft Foam On The Seating Area And Cling Wrap To Minimise The Possibility Of Scratches

Even though your outdoor metal chairs go through tough weather condition at times, you'll want them to look their best. Scratches and gouges on the seating area can present an unsightly appearance. To prevent or to minimise the possibility of scratches, start by placing a layer of soft foam over the seating area and use cling wrap around it to provide it with an added layer of protection. Tape the cling wrap to the chair to ensure that it doesn't come out while it is placed in the self-storage unit. This padding for the seating area will ensure that the chair is protected from any scuff marks.

Follow these well-planned steps to place your outdoor metal chairs in self-storage units.