Why Modwood Boxes Would Be Ideal for Your Long term Storage Needs

Posted on: 12 July 2016

When it comes to long term storage materials, people tend to gravitate toward wooden boxes, as they are readily available. However, these are not the most ideal option to consider. One other alternative that you could contemplate are modwood products. Modwood boxes are made from WPC materials. WPC stands for wood plastic composites. This means that they comprise wood that has been reinforced with plastic compounds. These plastic compounds could range from polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene. The resultant material is then used for an array of applications in place of natural timber products. Here are some of the reasons why modwood boxes would be ideal for your long term storage needs. 

Modwood boxes are durable

One of the benefits of opting for modwood boxes is that they are less likely to disintegrate during long term storage. With conventional wood boxes, you will find that their structural integrity will be compromised over time for a variety of reasons. Exposure to moisture could lead the wooden boxes to start rotting. Changes in temperature in the storage facility would cause wood boxes to start warping or cracking. Over time, your goods would be at risk of breakage in the event that the wooden boxes crumble. This is not a concern that you would have with modwood boxes. The plastic compounds used in the manufacture of modwood products prevent the boxes from succumbing to structural deficiencies such as warping, cracking, buckling or rotting over prolonged periods of time. 

Modwood boxes are light in weight

Another reason why modwood boxes would be ideal for long term storage solutions is their lightweight nature. When your goods are in storage, you may find yourself having to sift through them once in a while trying to get something that you need. This means having to move the boxes and restacking them. This can prove to be an arduous task when using wooden boxes as the boxes themselves are quite heavy. This weight coupled with the weight of the goods stored inside them makes the process tedious. Modwood boxes on the other hand are easy to handle. Hence, you can stack and restack the boxes as frequently as you need without it being backbreaking work. 

Modwood boxes are cost effective

When investing in storage boxes, most people would like a good return on their investment. The durability of modwood boxes minimizes having to pay for regular repairs due to damage acquired. Additionally, modwood products tend to be an economical option when compared to other storage solutions such as steel boxes.