Types Of Packing Boxes Used To Help Move Home

Posted on: 24 July 2015

For people about to move to a different property for the first time in their life, the prospect of organising everything so the whole process goes as smoothly as possible may seem like an almost impossible task. One way to help the moving process is to buy some pre-made boxes, which can help you quickly and securely pack your belongings; the boxes also protect the goods in transit. There are many types of packing boxes available; this article looks at these boxes and what they are used for.

Wardrobe Box

Although a little more expensive than the smaller boxes, the extra cost is worthwhile if you have no other way to transfer all your clothing to your new residence. Wardrobe boxes are upright boxes that feature a bar secured along the inside of the box, at the top. The idea is to simply move your clothes from your wardrobe, hangers included, and simply hang them up inside the wardrobe box. The box can be upright or laid flat during transit; either way, you won't have to spend time folding and then re-ironing clothes.

Dish Box

These are handy boxes that offer a safe way for you to box up and move your fragile dishes. Glass bowls, crystal glasses and small, valuable antiques or china can all be placed inside this box. It features inbuilt padding that is fixed to the interior of the box. This padding protects these types of valuable items while being packed and moved.

Mirror Box

Sometimes, people can have some problems when moving their mirrors; some mirrors can be full length, large and very heavy. Packing the mirror in a mirror box — which come in many different sizes, suitable for all mirrors — means that not only will you be able to move the mirror easier and without causing damage, but it will also be more secure in transit. Avoid damage to the trim and glass of your mirrors by using a packaging box to transport them.

Book Box

As tempting as it is to pack books with other items, this often results in the weight of the books ripping open the box, leading to a risk of damaging other items as well as the books. Book boxes are boxes designed to carry heavy books. They are designed to be smaller than the regular boxes, meaning you will be forced to only pack the right amount of books. Relocating a personal library is much easier and safer using boxes specifically designed to hold and carry the extra weight.

Removal men generally prefer to deal with boxes when loading their van; using different boxes means that everything can be neatly and safely loaded. Using the right boxes as well as other packaging supplies will help your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece.