Looking To Hire A Self Storage Unit? These 5 Provisions Will Make Your Storage Experience So Much Easier

Posted on: 26 June 2015

If you're out looking for a self storage unit, it's important to note that a good storage facility isn't just about the space offered. Look out for other provisions too, extras that will make using your storage unit easy and fun. Don't' know what these 'provisions' are? Check them out below.

Forklift service

If you are planning to store bulky items such as furniture or appliances, handling needs to be critical. Luckily, some self storage facilities will provide you with a forklift for such items. A forklift helps with the loading and offloading, especially where your truck does not have an automatic tailgate. You can also use the forklift to carry your heavy items all the way to your unit, or vice versa.

Platform trolleys

Some storage facilities will also have platform trolleys around for customers. If you have bulky items, or items that are large but not necessarily heavy, a platform trolley comes in handy. You get to load all your items in it and move them easily to your storage unit. You can also use the trolley when retrieving items at the end of your storage period. A platform trolley will not only make your work easier, it will reduce the number of trips you need to make during the process, thereby saving you time as well.

Lifts/ Hoists

If the storage facility you're eyeing has a multi-storey building, make sure it has a lift or a hoist system. This is vital for moving items up to your unit. Lifts are not just important for bulky items. They are also helpful for ordinary items, as they save you from making tens of trips up and down the stairs.


Another common feature you may find in self storage facilities is trailers. These are invaluable when you don't have a truck to move your items to and from the facility. Most establishments will allow you to use it for free, saving you rental fees and easing your logistics. All you have to do is hook them up to your car and ferry your items in them.

Packaging supplies

Of course, you also need packaging supplies. Most self storage locations will have a packaging supplies shop. These often stock items such as boxes, blankets, tarp, plastic sheets & bags, packing paper, tape and bubble wrap, among others. These supplies ensure you store your items in great condition to avoid damage by moisture, dust or pests.

These provisions will greatly easy your self storage experience. Note that these provisions are not available in every self storage centre. However, you are bound to find most of them in a majority of the locations. Apart from the above, you can also look out climate-controlled rooms and alarm systems for enhanced security of your goods. For more information, contact local storage companies like Eastlakes Self Storage