3 Awesome Tips to Pack Teak Furniture for Moving

Posted on: 1 June 2015

While moving to a dream home is thoroughly exciting, the move itself can be quite terrifying for most homeowners. There's so much to consider—from packing and transporting, to finding new schools and utility companies. While packing, you need to make sure that all your items are properly wrapped, so the removalists transport them to your new home in one piece—especially your prized teak wood furniture.

You certainly don't want to be greeted with unsightly scratches and dents in your new home, so follow these awesome tips to pack teak furnishings before the furniture removalists arrive.

Wrap Susceptible Areas With Foam Padding & Furniture Pads

When it comes to delicate areas of your teak wood furniture, ensure that you wrap them property with foam padding and furniture pads for added safety. This will include the handles, the furniture legs, furniture corners and even the seating edges of couches. These areas are most susceptible when being transported because of their protruding nature.

Don't be stingy—wrap these areas as much as possible to retain the unblemished beauty of teak wood furniture. Foam padding and furniture pads should ideally be readily available with furniture removalists. You can also get some good deals online or at a local home improvement store.  

Stay Away from Plastics

Keep in mind that teak wood is an organic and natural material that needs to breathe. Smothering it with layers of plastic or bubble wrap will prevent it from breathing; this can cause excess moisture to retain on the wood, while will give rise to the growth of mould and mildew to damage the wood. If you want to use bubble-wrap as a safety precaution, ensure that you first place furniture pads or blankets directly on the wood surface to prevent the plastic bubble-wrap from coming into contact with it.

Secure Movable Items of Any Size

Before packing up your teak wood furniture items, ensure that you remove all drawers, knobs and other small items that can come undone in the moving process. Some teak wood furniture will have small parts that will get dislodged while moving. This includes knobs, casters, drawer handles and furniture legs (if removable).

Secure the small items in a soft cloth blanket and place them in a marked cardboard box for a safe move. Hold the larger items like drawers or cabinet doors in place with rope to ensure they don't open or fall out while moving. Never use tape, because it can leave an ugly residual mark on the wood.  

Make sure that furniture removalists like U Help Removals are aware of any antique and delicate teak wood items beforehand, so they take extra care in the moving process.