Smart Packing: 4 Ingenious Tips to Pack Wineglasses for Furniture Removals

Posted on: 21 May 2015

The excitement of moving to a new home is overshadowed only by the tedious task of moving all your belongings. Easily breakable items like glassware require extra careful consideration and packaging, so they arrive safely at their destination. Quality wineglasses are a proud investment for wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Packing your beloved wineglasses can be tricky and time-consuming when planning furniture removals, but receiving then in one piece at your destination is well worth the effort. Here are some ingenious tips to pack wineglasses for furniture removals.

Clean Glasses and Group By Size

Wash the wineglasses and pat them dry before packing, because even a small dust layer can scratch them during the process of furniture removals. Group them by sizes, so that you are able to purchase the right kind of partitions for the box. For example, narrow wine glasses may have smaller dividers, while wide red wine glasses may require larger dividers.

Remember there is no rule against mixing the wineglasses together, if you can distribute the weight more evenly that way. Many furniture removals companies are able to make these provisions for a small fee, so check with them about getting wineglass dividers for safer transport.

Prepare Wineglasses

Fill the wineglasses with crumpled paper or clean linens, so that the interior bowls are not hollow during the moving process. Place a sheet of paper on a table and roll each wineglass over the paper to cover the entire glass. Use a single sheet of paper per glass, so they are packed individually. Continue rolling till all the wineglasses are properly packed and prepared.

Assemble Box Carefully

Assemble the box carefully by placing a soft towel on the bottom and set the partitions above the towel. By adding a soft bottom layer, you will prevent scratches on the wineglass rims. Stack the packed wineglasses upside down inside the box; every wineglass must be placed in an individual divider cell.

Add more paper in between the open spaces around the stacked glasses for a tight fit to ensure that they remain safe during the furniture removals process. Move the box back and forth to see that the glasses are properly packed. Place a soft towel on the top of the box and close it. Tape it shut and list the box inventory on the top with a clear fragile warning.

Place Box in Truck

Place the box in a safe location that won't damage your wineglasses. Don't stack it on a bottom corner, since other boxes may end up being dumped on top of it. This will damage the glasses. Ideally, place the wineglass box last so that no other boxes can be stacked above it. It's always best to place the box near your softer elements like clothing, bed sheets and linen for safe transportation.

Preparing wineglasses for furniture removals is quite simple if you follow these effective steps. For more tips or assistance, consult resources like Klose's Removals Pty Ltd.