Reusing moving boxes for children's play

Posted on: 23 April 2015

Now that you are finally settled in and have unpacked your house, it's time to figure out what to do with these piles of moving boxes. Instead of throwing the boxes out, why not use them with your kids to create some cool projects?

Choo-choo trains

If you have a little guy in your houses who is a bit obsessed with popular train themed TV shows, why not connect your boxes and turn them into a train? You can connect the boxes simply, using twine and a stapler. Leave the back 'carriages' taped up, but untape the bottom of the train driver's carriage so that you child can climb inside and take their teddies for an action-packed trip up the hallway or around the yard. If you are feeling extra creative, you can always paint the train with the numbers and signs of their favourite train character.

Playing house

If you don't have a cubby house, why not cut some holes in the sides of a larger box to make child sized door and some windows? This will turn a box into a tiny cubby house instantly. The kids can paint the outside of the house with features like your house, including windows, gutters and house numbers.

Sliding down hills

Once the boxes have lived out their natural life as creative play items, why not cut down one side to create a flat surface you can use to slide down slopes at the local park? (Make sure to assess the slope before you launch your child, as they tend to underestimate risk and overestimate the fun of a sleep ride.) The joy of sliding down a hill on a large split box is a traditional part of the Australian childhood experience and is a great way to start passing on some of your childhood activities to your children.


Now that you have used up the creative play options of your boxes, be sure to cut the boxes down into flat pieces and pack into your recycling bin. This will let the cardboard boxes be recycled into a new paper option like a box or carton, to continue the cycle.

Using your moving boxes for creative play is a great way to start your life in your new house, with some extra fun memories of fun family play times. The options for play with moving boxes are nearly unlimited, and rely on you and your child's imagination.