Types Of Containers For Shipping Cargo

Posted on: 21 April 2015

Choosing the right type of container for shipping ensures that your goods arrive at their destination in good condition. There are so many types of shipping containers available today. The following are the standard types of containers you can use and some of the cargo they can carry.

Dry storage container

Dry storage containers are widely used, and many people can identify them easily. They come in a variety of dimensions. These containers do not have any special storage features and generally have a single opening on one side where all the cargo is loaded. There are some tunnel containers, which have openings on both ends of the container to make the loading and unloading work much easier. They are ideal for transporting non-perishable and non-fragile material such as furniture, clothing and even well-packaged household appliances. Some of these containers come with wells to enable easy handling during loading.

Open containers

There are different types of open containers:

  • Flat track containers: they are similar to dry storage containers. However, they have collapsible sides. When the sides are folded, you can make a flat track. They are used for shipping a wide variety of cargo.
  • Open top containers: these types of containers are ideal for transporting cargo with high heights. The upper roof of the container is open so you can arrange the cargo inside the container, leaving the top open to create more space for the cargo.
  • Half Height containers: they are half the height of full size containers and are suitable for bulk transportation of heavy cargo that needs easy loading and offloading, such as coal or stones. When shipping items such as food items and sensitive chemicals, you can use refrigerated containers. These containers have temperature control features installed allowing the goods to travel under the ideal temperature conditions throughout the entire trip. Insulated containers, on the other hand, regulate the temperature in the container to maintain fixed temperature. Therefore, the cargo inside the container is not affected by the change of temperature outside during shipping. This kind of container is great for long distance transport where the cargo goes through different climate zones.


Tanks are container storage units for transporting liquid and semi liquid materials. They are made of steel and non-corrosive materials to protect the substance they carry. Drums can also be used to transport bulk liquid materials. However, drums are usually smaller as compared to tanks. Drums can be made of materials such as hard plastic and fiber.

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