Need Secure Self Storage Options? These 3 Ideas Are for You

Posted on: 21 April 2015

When it comes to storage, your first concern is the safety of your possessions. Whether, you're moving, renovating or de-cluttering your home, these three options provide you with the safest self-storage alternatives available. Read on to see what they are and why they are such safe options.

Storage Pods

Pods are medium-sized containers that can be delivered to your home when you need a storage solution. They are made of strong fabricated aluminum or steel metal coupled with security locks. Once delivered to your home, you get to load your items at your pace and keep the pod in your compound where you can keep an eye on it. Alternatively, you can request to have the pod stored on your behalf by the storage company at their secure facility. Once done, the pod can be delivered back to your home or transported to a location of your choice. You can then unload your items and request the pod to be collected when you're done.

Housed Units

Another safe option is the all too familiar self storage housed units. You just need to load your items into a truck, drive to the self storage location and load your items into your unit. You can come and go as often as you like and only you have access to your unit. Housed self storage units are safe because they are located within protected buildings where it's hard to break in. Inside, the units are monitored through surveillance cameras and patrol guards. Movement into the self storage buildings is also highly regulated.

Container Yards

The third option you can go with is containers. These are usually located in a self storage yard. You get to rent a container for the duration you wish. Just like housed units, you can come and go as often as you like. Containers can store domestic property, commercial goods and even large items like cars, recreational vehicles and boats. Containers are secure as they are rigid structures that are not easy to break into. It's also quite impossible for one to try and steal your container as that would take quite some time and would require heavy transportation. The yards are also protected via CCTV surveillance and guards who make constant patrols.

Whether you're storing your domestic property, prized goods/collectibles or company inventory; these self storage solutions not only offer you unrestricted access, they also offer you piece of mind knowing that your possessions are safe 24/7. For more information, contact Self Storage 2000.