Moving a Large, Comfortable Sofa through a Narrow Doorway? | Five Essential Tips

Posted on: 16 April 2015

You want a large, comfortable, deep and wide sofa, but you worry that the narrow doors on you urban apartment or antique home may stop you from getting it inside. If you want to be able to move your sofa inside, there are a few tricks you can explore. Check out these five essential sofa moving tips:

1. Measure

If you are buying a new sofa, don't take any chances. Take your measuring tape to the store and measure that thing. Also measure the height and width of your door. If the measurements aren't compatible, look for a smaller sofa or opt for some comfy chairs instead.

2. Widen the Gap

Don't feel completely restricted by your doorway. If you remove the door, that will increase the size of your portal by several centimeters. Alternatively, consider other entrances. Can you take the sofa through a patio door in the back? Can you hire a professional furniture removalist to hoist it through a window? In many cases, your door may not be your only option.

3. Play with Angles

If you've already bought the sofa or if you are moving a sofa you already own into a new home, it's important to play with angles. If the height of the back of the sofa is shorter than it's width, tip it on its back and slide it through the door.

If that doesn't work, stand the sofa on one end, tip the other end back at an angle (outside of the doorway) and have someone pull in the front end.

4. Disassemble Bits

If angels don't help, it's time to start disassembling your sofa. The legs on most sofas screw off easily. and it can sometimes help to remove the cushions as well. If you still cannot get inside with some basic disassembly, you can call a professional to disassemble it for you.

There are professional sofa removalists who may be able to peal back the upholstery, remove bits of the frame and then reassemble it once it is inside.

5. Seek Professional Help

If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to move a large sofa through a narrow door, don't even bother trying to do it yourself. Just call a removalist company and get it to move the sofa for you. Removalists such as Australian Moving Logistics move hundreds of sofas every year, and they can easily figure out the best way to get your comfy sofa through your narrow door.