5 Tips For Ensuring Your Furniture Gets Moved In One Piece

Posted on: 15 April 2015

When preparing for a relocation, one of the biggest challenges you face is safely moving your delicate and expensive furniture. Without appropriate precautions, upholstery can be ripped, wood furniture can be gouged, and glass can be broken. Below are tricks you need to implement to ensure that your furniture reach their destination in one piece:

1. Clean your furniture


Take time to dust and clean your furniture. Dust and other debris can scratch your furniture during the moving process. Also, you won't have to clean it again when you get to your new home!

2. Make your furniture light

To make your heavy furniture light and create a large storage space, do the following:

  • Remove drawers out of the desks and dressers.
  • Remove casters, pulls and knobs from all your furniture.

3. Dismantle the furniture

If it's possible to remove the legs from your seats and tables, this is the best option. Remove cushions and dismantle bed frames. Dismantling the furniture will make it easier to move and prevent damages caused by brushing up against walls and door frames.

4. Wrap your furniture with the right materials  

If you want to move your furniture safely, plastic sheeting and bubble wraps, packing blankets or old blankets will be perfect for the job. Place corrugated cardboard sheets between the wooden pieces to prevent scratches or gouges while the furniture is on the truck. Mirrors and glass table tops should be wrapped properly using bubble wrap with special attention to the corners. Then, place them between two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

5. Arrange your furniture in the truck properly

How you will pack your furniture in the truck will determine if it will get to the destination in one piece or not. Take time to plan how things will be arranged, as this will make things easier for you and your mover. Here are helpful tips:

  • Start out by arranging boxes of the same size across the back end of the truck. Ensure that these boxes are tightly packed to prevent slipping. For stability, choose the heaviest boxes that don't contain fragile items and load them first.
  • Place all desks and dressers against the wall of boxes for cushioning.
  • The light items should be properly and securely packaged to avoid breakages.

Packing and securing your furniture in the right way will make you less worried of any damages. You will have the assurance that your things will be delivered to the destination in perfect condition. However, don't fail at the last minute: be careful when unloading the furniture from the truck and putting them in your new home. For more information, contact a company like Man Made Movers.